Marcie Privetts – Owner/Baker

I’ve always love cooking and being around all the women in my family that did. I remember being at my mamaw’s house in Johnson city TN picking blackberry’s and making preserves, cobblers, pies, basically anything blackberry. She’d turn the ladder back chair around put on her apron and we’d get to work.  She never used a recipe, she just somehow knew exactly how much everything was in the palm of her hand.

My aunt, who was in the baking industry since before I was born, made most of my birthday cakes growing up. I still remember them.  I learned my baking skills from her, a veteran baker and cake decorator over the course of 15 years working in her bakery.  After two years of learning the basics in the bakery, I began decorating Birthday Cakes and pretty much anything that I could.

Next up was wedding cakes. I absolutely loved making cakes for special events. I’ve made well over 500 wedding cakes for couples over the years.

As a perfectionist, each step is just as important as the other from consultations, to baking a cake from scratch I’m extremely proud of, to decorating a cake better than expected all while keeping my product very adorable.

I’m not your average home baker. I am a seasoned professional who is willing to try new things and keep accomplishing more to better serve any needs one may have.